September 20, 2011

Fall inspired decor

I have to leave in a couple of days on a business trip to Seattle which is leaving me with no time to get anything done around the house such as decorating for fall. I will be doing this when I get home. Well just because I am not yet decorating for fall doesn’t mean that I cannot look for inspiration.

I long for a normal fireplace. Mine is a really weird one. One of these days I will take a photo and show you. I wonder what the builder was thinking when building this place. Oh, yeah, build quick and sell fast, who cares about design!



But do not fret if you do not have a fireplace there is always a few other ways to decorate for the season: a shelf, a buffet, a side table.




See now no one has an excuse for not decorating for fall!







I am linking this to Fingerprints on the Fridge and Chic on Shoestring Decorating



  1. So ME!!!! I LOVE it all, I might try to make that basket wreath with the spoons inside. Very cute idea. Great blog, I love following it.♥


  2. "Oh. Pumpkin. I like the picture. They are cool."



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