September 28, 2011

Now that’s a kitchen!

You know who Tyler Florence is right? Well his kitchen is dreamy, you will see this in a minute. Tyler Florence added a 17-foot-island to this Rockefeller kitchen. The reason why he did it was because “we wanted the kitchen to be more like a living room, a comfortable space you could live in every day…Our island is more than just prep space. It’s a casual dining table, a party buffet, a place where your child can do homework or have a bowl of cereal.”



Beautiful Caeserstone counters! When asked why such a dark countertop, Tyler answer was that he is “…not looking at black at all. I’m looking at a reflection of white walls, stainless steel, the blue sky from the skylight. The polished Caesarstone bounces light back into the room.”



The outdoor kitchen



This is definitely a cook’s kitchen. I really wished a kitchen like this.




  1. Seriously, a huge and awesome kitchen is at the top of my wishlist on my dream home...gorgeous and functional, it's a win/win! That first *ginormous* kitchen is perfection...I should just move in now (c:

  2. Love how open and airy they all are! Such great natural light!

  3. what an amazing island!! Now that is a kitchen!


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