September 5, 2011

Sorting things out

Wow, where did the weekend week go? I have been back for almost a week and I am still finding myself way behind on getting things done.

mail collage

One of the things that I had to get done when I got home was go through 6 weeks of mail. Thankfully my husband had gone through most of it since he was home for most of the time. While going through the mail I realized that I get a lot of magazines each month. 13 magazines to be exact! Since I have done lots of traveling between states for the past six months my magazines end up in a storage box rather than the pretty organizers that I have sitting on my bookcase. What  you see in the box above is magazines from the past few months after me throwing out some I do not intend to keep.

On the other hand I have been working on editing my photos from my vacation. Since I was too busy enjoying my vacation I only have to go through roughly 1500 photos. I wonder how many photos I would of taken if I really wanted to take photos of everything.

While we were rushing through Munich airport on my way to Bulgaria I stopped and snapped a not so great photo of these hanging lights in the shapes of fruits and vegetables that were made out of hand dyed crushed silk. Very cute! Unfortunately the employees there had no idea who made them.


 IMG_7249 IMG_7254 IMG_7252

Isn’t the pumpkin cute? Moving on I was very excited to see an IKEA being built in the capital. I remember a long time ago working at IKEA and one of the managers asking me if I was willing to move back to Bulgaria if they were to open an IKEA there. At that time I thought that something like this would never be possible. Well IKEA is opening sometime in the next few months. You bet ya I will be visiting the store if I was to go back to Bulgaria in the next few years.

IMG_7271this photo was taken while my mom was driving so it is not the best. lots of road construction going on there right now  

What I think I am going to miss the most is the view from my room. Years and years ago before people in my grandma’s town decided to build their small one level homes into six floor houses, we were able to have a fantastic view of the Black Sea. Now we get a glimpse but I am OK with that since it is so awesome to see this every morning. It is so relaxing to hear the waves crashing on the shore.


I do have to say that Bulgaria has a beautiful coast line. Here are a few of on my photos, but I can bet you if you were to search flickr you will find some awesome photos.



Then we visited a few towns and a few monuments. One of them was Shipka. Shipka is “a memorial to those who died for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Battles of Shipka Pass during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.” To get to the monument you can either drive on a short road or climb 890 stairs. Yes, we climbed the stairs. My daughter climb 400 of them. What a sport!

Shipka collage

Then we visited Etar, an open air museum that showcases old Bulgaria crafts. “The living premises and the workshops are detached in the so called "craftsmen's street ". Sixteen architectural patterns of Gabrovo district depict the talent and skill of the Renaissance builders. Different interiors, homemade weaving, icon painting are shown on the second floors of the houses. On the ground floors numerous crafts are revived: there are workshops for sandals, a furriery, a coppersmithery, cow-bells workshop, pottery making workshop, workshop for silverware and woodcarving, for producing carts, national folk instruments, a cutlery, bakery and confectionery with a coffee shop, as well as a rich collection of medicinal plants and herbs. There the craftsmen are manufacturing different products and selling them directly from the workshops. In this way the visitors enjoy the opportunity to observe the ancient technologies, the original instruments, to have a conversation with the masters. They can bay a handmade hammered knife, wooden bowl, copper coffee pot, patterned earthened jug, silver jewelry, a Gabrovian rug, icon with a wood-carved icon-stand, or a curing medicines from the herbs-selling shop a souvenier to memorize thier trip in Etara.” via


   IMG_7824  IMG_7850




Well this is my vacation in a nut shell. The food was awesome but I didn’t take any photos of it. I figured it would be simply mean. I am off to edit the other 1000 photos I have of the family.




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