July 31, 2012

A client’s project

Last year while visiting my family in Seattle I was introduced to an investor. That investor had bought two houses that were still in framing and wanted my help with the lighting plan as well as help with the layout of certain parts of the house. I delivered both and was then asked to help him out with selecting the light fixtures, the counter and flooring surfaces, selecting interior colors as well as hourly consultations. Since my motto is “ No job is too small!” I did what anyone in my place would do…give 110% of my knowledge and experience. The house is now complete and although I cannot share all of the photos with you, due to respecting the privacy of my client, I can share a few of the main living areas.


During the designing process it was clear that the client is very traditional with a touch of contemporary. It was a nice surprise and very interesting combination. The main concern for the house was lighting. Although the house has huge windows that let light in, there isn’t that much light  during the overcast cold winter Seattle days. We made sure that there are enough light sources in each living area of the house: both decorative as well as functional.


This is the kitchen before and after:


Client N's house


This is the living room before and after (the view from the kitchen):


Client N's kitchen


This is the master bathroom before and after:

Client N's bathroom


master bathroom



This is the main hallway before and after:

stairs before


stairs after




I had a blast working with this client and hopefully we can work together again in the future!




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  1. Hi Megan,you really did amazing job. I love the colors of the house and lighting. I hope people will enjoy their new home.



Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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