July 16, 2012

Our Summer List Update

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to their week! We had a fantastic busy weekend. I got to see a movie with a friend, get some things done for my daughter’s upcoming party and the best of all hang out with my husband and daughter.


You might remember our summer list that I created last month. Well this weekend we were able to get a few things crossed off our list.


#15.  Watch the fireworks – So far this year we have enjoyed two firework shows: 4th of July and Disney. We love the fireworks show at Disney: it is so entertaining since they have the fireworks matched to different characters. You get to see Tinker Bell and Dumbo fly as well. I do admit I am not the best at taking photos of the fireworks.






#46. Go to the local fair – The local fair is a big thing around here unfortunately not in our daughter’s eyes. She liked the petting zoo but that’s about it. Less than hour into it she decided that it was time to go to Disney. As the good parents we are we obliged and went to Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney anyways?


Madison at the fair Madison at the fair 2 Madison with the orange


# 50. Ride the carousel – Since Madison rides the carousel once a week we decided to change this one to ride anything that she hasn’t been on before...So we took our daughter on her first rollercoaster and her first Farris wheel ride. She had a blast on both.


Madison in line Madison in line2

Madison on rollercoaster Madison on rollercoaster 2

at the wheel 

Happy Monday!




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