July 12, 2012

Accordion Doors

When you think of accordion doors do you think or this


                                                                     Source: woodfold.com via Woodfold on Pinterest



or this


                                             Source: hookedonhouses.net via Siobhan on Pinterest



This was love at first site for me. I love that they let you invite the “out” in, it brings nature with ease. The all glass accordion doors create a wall of ever changing palette. It feels like evolving artwork. It makes the space more open and inviting if you ask me. If I could I would have doors like this in my home.


                                  Source: justinetaylor.tumblr.com via Daye on Pinterest



                              Source: houzz.com via L on Pinterest



                     Source: decorpad.com via Britt on Pinterest



                             Source: houzz.com via anna on Pinterest



Are you a fan of accordion doors?



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  1. Honestly, when I heard accordion doors I thought of the first image, but OH MY do I love the rest of those doors. Those are dream home material for sure!


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