July 13, 2012

Galvanized accessories

Summer= galvanized accessories! Just look at every catalog, every store and you will see the galvanized look everywhere! Okay, okay, galvanized doesn’t mean only summer. Galvanized buckets used to be associated with farms but that is long gone. Now we can find galvanized accessories for our desk, for the laundry, for serving food and drinks. Many brides use the galvanized buckets for center pieces. Today you can find them painted in different colors just like the buckets from Pottery Barn Kids or $1 section in Target during spring.


Galvanized Metal Pail, Set of 3

Galvanized Metal 3-Tier Stand

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                                                                    Source: thegildedbarn.com via Julie on Pinterest



                                                Source: abodelove.blogspot.com via Emily on Pinterest


                                                                  Source: cb2.com via Melissa on Pinterest



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ccotincaddy phscaleclock source

Last but not least sometime galvanized is not only for accessories

                                                              Source: blog.stylizimo.com via ᗪenise on Pinterest



What’s your take on galvanized accessories? Like them or hate them?



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