July 2, 2012

House Tour: A Coastal Home

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! My family and I spent yesterday hanging out in Beverly Hills but my camera’s battery died after taking 5 pictures. I did take a few photos with my phone that I will show you later this week.


This past weekend I was also able to look through some of my new magazines that came in the mail. I love when I get a magazine that showcases a coastal home. I love the coast. I love coastal design. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the East Coast or the West Coast. Of course you can see coastal design anywhere. This home is located in Laguna Beach, CA and I knew  that it’s right up my alley. The texture on the walls, the iron work details on the doors, the beams on the ceiling it gives the home a character and an old feel to it. It makes me think of Greece or even Tuscany.



To see more photos of the house, click here.




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  2. I like the house right on the sand. I makes me think about vacation and surfing.



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