June 6, 2011

Father’s day gift ideas

How is everyone doing? How was your weekend? Mine was great. It started last Thursday when we packed the car and drove non-stop with our almost two year old toddler from Southern California to Seattle, WA (that’s about 1300 miles in case you were wondering). I am so thankful for our portable DVD player and the endless supply on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Tinker Bell” DVDs.
Then we visited the charming town of Leavenworth. I haven’t been there for over five years and it was a good one day visit. Leavenworth is a small Bavarian village about 2 hours away from Seattle.

On a another note I just realized that Father’s day is only two weeks away and I need to start thinking about what to do for a present. I try to be crafty sometimes. As much as I love going out shopping for the right gift I love making homemade gifts. This is my husband's second Father’s day and last year I bought him a book which he loves but I figured this year I will actually put a little more thought into it. Plus this year being at my parents home provides me with time and more time to do crafty things.
Browsing through the internet the following ideas that I found are my top choices that now I have to choose which ones to do for the holiday.
A T-shirt card idea

or how about this cute idad card
Cute cookies just for daddy

Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries
if he is into sports and sweets how about chocolate dipped strawberries decorated into different sport balls or even the cake balls
12 hand-dipped sports berries
3 Father's Day Brownie Pops & 12 Fancy Berries
this is not necessary for just for dad  since it would be perfect in any room
The last three ideas are actual products sold by a company but I think they would be great to try at home.
Few pintables courtesy of some generous bloggers
This is a great idea for a dad with a little boy. He gets to teach him all about tools

Do you have a favorite one? Have you even started thinking about Father’s day or you are more of the last minute kind of person?

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