June 16, 2011


Stairs…They take us places…In the movies you always see the guy waiting patiently nervously at the bottom of the stairs for the girl… For some reason someone always takes a photo of the girl and the guy on the stairs. I do like the idea of taking photos of your own kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.  Stairs can be made out of glass, out of concrete, out of wood.

Currently I am obsessed with stairs. No idea why either! Close to where I live is a beach called “The 1000 steps” (in actuality it’s 230 steps) because it is so steep but once you get there it is so worth it. Also doesn’t it seem like a great workout?


Isn’t it pretty? This is one of the reasons why I love living in Southern California.

Back to stairs, I am loving the strait slick lines of the contemporary and the romantic curves of the staircases below.

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I told you I am a touch bit obsessed with stairs. Do you have a favorite one?



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  1. I love the one where they used the back of the stairs as shelves, very creative. Of course my personal favorite is the stairs in Greece, for obvious reasons.


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