June 1, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Last weekend I had an opportunity to meet with a new client, Mr. & Mrs. H. Their first project in redesigning their home will be the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. H. used to entertain a lot during the holidays but in the last few years they decided to entertain during the summer when Mr. H. can barbeque a lot more (plus they have a gorgeous back yard). With all of their kids all grown up there isn’t a lot of cooking going on in the kitchen which makes it a little harder to chose the right appliances: a double over or a single one; a warming drawer. Decisions, Decisions.

Here is what their kitchen looks now:

Presentation1 At first to save cost the client hired a contractor to strip down the cabinet doors and as well as the cabinets thinking that the original cabinets were real wood. In the process they find out that the cabinets and the cabinet doors were simply plywood. Now you know why there are no doors on the cabinets.

I was thinking of maybe knocking one if not all of the walls down and connect the kitchen to the living room area but unfortunately those are barring walls so I have to think of something else. 

The clients love oak wood and would love to have oak cabinets. Here are a few inspirational kitchens to get the process started:

                                                   Source: kitchen.blackdecoration.com via Sandi on Pinterest


                                                  Source: kitchens.com via Rhonda on Pinterest



                                                    Source: kitchen-design-ideas.org via Viola on Pinterest


I love dark cabinets. The only problem is that the space feels so dark at the moment I would love to persuade them into choosing lighter color such as white or even colored cabinets to make the space more bright. I really like the blue island cabinets featured above or the white cabinets featured below might be a good choice for them.

                                                Source: kitchen-design-ideas.org via Ginger on Pinterest




Off to work on a floor plan for the clients. If it was up to you would you go with the dark wood or white cabinets? I am really liking the mixture of both.




  1. I love the colors in the white kitchen with the gray island. So open and bright, great for entertaining as well with the layout! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I like the kitchens in photos #1&2 mix them both together with the stone hood over the stove and the wood beams in the ceiling. I think your customers would love that look, or something very similar.



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