June 3, 2011

Summer TV Guide

Can I tell you I am a sucker for decorating and diy TV shows. Before my daughter was born my husband and I would spend early mornings and rainy days watching HGTV, DIY network, The Food Channel, TLC, you name it. There is so much inspiration behind their shows. Now that we own our little town house we find even more inspiration and “oh, how I wish I had a backyard!” and “oh, I wish I didn’t live in a tiny two bedroom home!”. You get the picture. Well, this summer I think its going to be great when it comes to decorating and home improvement shows.

The new shows that are coming out this summer that I would for sure watch at least once are:

My yard goes Disney, premiers on Monday, June 6th at 8pm

In each episode of My Yard Goes Disney, lucky homeowners get a jaw-dropping makeover inspired by Disney Parks that's worthy of major family playtime.

These are photos from the first episode, to see the rest click here.


House Hunters Vacation, premiers on Monday, June 6th at 8:30pm

In this House Hunters spinoff series, HGTV gives lucky families the chance to stay in an incredible vacation home for a week. In each half-hour episode, we'll whisk away a family to a beautiful vacation destination to kick back, relax and explore all of the area's activities. Once they arrive at their destination, host Taniya Nayak takes the family to tour spectacular homes chosen just for them. The question the family and viewers must answer: Which home would they like to stay in for a week? It will be a tough decision, as every property will offer incredible yet different features. Will they fall for the beachside villa with an infinity pool? The perfect cottage nestled in the hills? Or the high-rise condo with incredible city views? You'll have to watch to find out!

I love watching House Hunters International and I think this would be a great spinoff.


HGTV’d, premiers on Monday, June 6th at 9pm

For anyone who has ever wished that HGTV would come to their home, that dream is about to come true in HGTV’d. In each episode, one of our HGTV stars will arrive at the home of a viewer, surprising them with jaw-dropping makeovers and over-the-top transformations.



I love the chandelier but not the yellow and purple combination.

HTGV Design Star

HGTV Design Star

No explanation needed. As always entertaining and fun to watch. Plus some great designers have emerged from this show, David Bromstad or Emily Henderson ring a bell!


What I am loving this season are a few shows/designers that have been around for a while:

Sarah Richardson. Her current show Sarah’s Summer House (Saturdays on HGTV) is located on a island 17 miles away from main land. The cottage is very cute and as always Sarah makes it both design pleasing as well as functional. I really do like her design. I see a post about her in the future.


Holmes on Homes, Sundays on HGTV

All I have to say, it’s a great show. My husband and I watch it together and are amazed at how some of the so called contractors do such a horrible job and somehow get paid for it.

It's "buyer beware" when a homeowner contracts a home repair or renovation. The world is full of shady contractors who take shortcuts, use shoddy building practices or employ a band-aid approach to repair work, often leaving homeowners in dangerous situations or out a ton of money. Renovation expert Mike Holmes believes in doing a job right the first time and is making it his mission to expose poor, substandard workmanship in the building industry with his internationally successful show Holmes on Homes. In each episode, Mike rescues homeowners from repair and renovation disasters. Uncovering problems from plumbing and electrical to carpentry and roofing, he shows how the botched job should have been completed, fixing each project properly and helping homeowners make more informed decisions in the future.


Of course there is always Spouse vs. House and Million Dollar Decorators. Are you ready for summer TV? I am.



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