June 24, 2011

Independence Day Party Inspiration

Ever since my little girl was born I have slowly learned to love every holiday there is, at least the ones that require decorating and baking. Everyone knows that Independence day is celebrated with family and friends, barbeques, swimming and fireworks!


This year I am very excited about Fourth of July! We might be hosting a barbeque for our friends which means decorating and cooking. My husband is a pro on the grill. You can ask anyone and they will tell you that is true!


Free printables

HGTV Exclusive From The TomKat Studio - Fourth of July Cupcake Circles & Wrapper - Free Printables

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Doesn’t this cheesecake in a jar look yummy? You can find the recipe here.

       Source: hostessblog.com via Megan on Pinterest





             Source: google.com via Trina on Pinterest




A few decorations that are so easy to make:




patriotic red white and blue party table

patriotic red white and blue party ideas

red white and blue table setting




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                                             and do not forget the hair accessories




So many great ideas! I can’t wait to see which ones I go with!




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  1. Such great inspiration! I love the Whippy Cake hair piece (:


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