June 8, 2011

Laundry Room Inspiration


For most long gone are the days where you had to hang the clothes on the line to dry. Now most of us have a small laundry rooms, in my case a closet, where we store our washer and drier. When I use to live in my apartment our laundry was located in the balcony so I really didn’t enjoy doing the laundry but now it’s a different story.

Few tips I have picked up over the last year:

  • if you have an actual laundry room – kitchen worthy cabinets will provide you with the space and storage that you desire. It will look good and will last forever.
  • A counter space is a must for all the folding of the clothes that you would be doing.
  • Over the sink rod is great for laundry hung on hangers that can drip dry right over the sink
  • Hanging rack are great for hanging clothes that need to air dry


Trickett Laundry Room  laundry room


Not to worry if you do not have a designated laundry room if you are tight on space. Don’t be afraid to use baskets and hanging shelves on your walls to create more storage. Be creative- use wallpaper or different color paint to create a background drop.  I am loving this inspirations for small spaces.


Laundry Room

Laundry room


inspiration contemporary laundry room

Of course you can always add a sign to let you know why you are there in the first place


Do you have your own laundry room or are you dreaming of one? One day I would love to have an actual laundry room rather than a closet, but I am thankful that at least I do not have to do my laundry on my balcony anymore.




  1. I would love a dedicated laundry room too- I have a closet right now. Great inspirations. :)

  2. I truly hope that you get the laundry room of your dreams one day. Ill try to work a little harder from now on so that you can do the laundry in comfort, Ha Ha Ha.


  3. brinkka2011 says: Thank you for giving these good, healthy, explanatory and even fun tips on that topic.


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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