November 14, 2011

Our weekend

Good morning  evening! How was your weekend? Ours a little hectic. My mom has been in town since last Wednesday so I have been spending lots of time with her rather than getting things done. Then we attended a family wedding on Saturday. It rained during the ceremony. All the following photos are from my phone unless noted otherwise.




You can see everyone going towards the “chapel” where the ceremony was being held.





Just like the guests, the wedding party as well as the bride and the groom battled the rain during the ceremony.  Afterwards we went inside for drinks and later escorted to the reception hall. The main color of the wedding was red. Red paired with white, black and silver. Beautiful red roses were everywhere. To go with the theme the wedding party including the bride and the groom were wearing red shoes. The bride wore two different types of shoes: red bedazzled pumps for the ceremony and for the photos; and red bedazzled (i think converses)  during the reception.





Unfortunately due to the couples' privacy I cannot show you photos of them. If I do there could be two things that might happen: family members will be very very mad and/or I can get sued.


So what I can show you is a photo of me and my husband at the reception.




photo of the candy bar that was set up for guests. Yummy! My favorite was the cotton candy and white chocolate raspberry truffles.




The cake. Isn’t it beautiful?




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