November 2, 2011

House Tour: Jill Johnson’s “Labor of Love”

There are so many magazines and blogs out there that it’s hard to catch up and see it all. This was originally posted in Coastal Magazine over a year ago but I am just now seeing it. A Manhattan Beach designer, Jill Johnson remade a rental mess into her dream cottage, one room at a time. Jill, a former clothing designer, worked twelve years before transitioning into interior design. Her background in fabrics and print design can be seen in her ability to combine unexpected patterns, colors, and period pieces into the home.


“I would say my personal look is "cleaned-up eclectic." I like my upholstered pieces to have very clean almost modern, lines―nothing that looks too old-fashioned. But I like to mix in vintage pieces and flea market finds, as well. “

Jill Johnson


Cottage exterior and front entrance

White cottage kitchen with marble countertop and wicker barstools

Master bedroom with bamboo chandelier, striped rug


“We utilized every last inch of the house by creating seating nooks out of pass-through spaces, like the built-in sofa opposite the island in the kitchen. That used to be part of the living room. There are hardly any closets, so we also built out every last nook with drawers for storage. “


Built-in sofa and kitchen island


“We sacrificed our crawlspace attic for pitched ceilings in as may rooms as possible. Just that extra couple of feet in terms of ceiling height made rooms seem so much larger. We also added windows and skylights wherever we could to bring in more natural light. “


Living room display with storage cabinet and mirror

Dining table with built-in seating

Living room in browns, greens, and blues in varying patterns

Kids' room with giraffe print chaise and wardrobe


Pretty, right? I love the clean, timeless and simple style. It is very comfortable.


Aside her beautiful home, Jill and her design partner, Suzanne Ascher collaborated their eclectic design styles to create Waterleaf. Located in the heart of Manhattan Beach, Waterleaf blends a unique mix of vintage pieces, designer bedding along with a modern coastal mix of furniture, art and unique accessories.


w store


If you are local to the area you should check it out. I think I will have to make the time to stop by one of these days.




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