November 7, 2011

A little Hobby Lobby Visit

It was pouring down rain on Friday which meant no Disneyland. Last month I was pretty bummed out when I found out that Hobby Lobby was opening in Seattle. I was devastated, after all I have heard from other bloggers that you can find anything Hobby Lobby. So when I found out that there was a Hobby Lobby opening  close to 40miles from my home, Ryan, my husband, and I decided to take the time to visit the store and see what the hype is all about.


Things didn’t start out smoothly. My daughter got sick right as we pulled into the parking lot. Poor thing vomited all over herself since she was still striped into her carseat. Not sure how but we had an extra pair of clothes so while my husband was cleaning her carseat , my little girl was all back to smiles.







Now that she was feeling better, we decided to actually stay and look around.




People are right, that store has everything practically everything that a crafter would want.  From fabric to ribbons; lanterns both big and small; lighting and furniture; mirrors and picture frames; unique signage and funky knobs; seasonal shopping; lots and lots of accessories. One things for sure…do not ever go to that store without your coupon.


IMAG0577 IMAG0581


Really loved all these colored bottles! I would have to find a place for them somewhere in my home.




IMAG0591 IMAG0594




  We even found a knob to take home with us!





How cool are these “old” scales?






How neat is this wagon?




So much fun! I am sure to be back again someday



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  1. That's exciting..I love Hobby Lobby and don't know what I would do if I didn't live near one! Glad your daughter was feeling better and you got to enjoy the Hobby Lobby experience lol.

    Rachel :)


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