April 2, 2012

An easy bunny banner

Easter is right around the corner. Some of you probably have all of your Easter decorations out and there is me who is just starting. That’s okay though. I am more into decorating for spring than for Easter. I will have a few Easter touches here and there of course just need to find all of the cute stuff I bought from the store last month two months ago. True story!


I really look for easy and fast crafts to do around the house. I have a two and a half year old who wants to be in the midst of everything. I can’t blame her. That’s the reason why I chose to do this very easy, simple and fast. Waiting for the glue to dry was the longest part of the craft.


bunny banner




* paper of your choice

* bunny tails

* glue

* string



How to:


First you cut up the bunnies. Then I had my daughter glue down the bunny tails. The bunny tails are little pom poms from the craft store. They are in the felt isle.




Once they were dry. We attached the string to the back and hung it up.  Here is a template that you can use.










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