April 10, 2012

Pin wheels/Rosettes

It depends on who you ask you can get pin wheels or rosettes. I call them pin wheels and I love them. They make a great backdrop for a party or artwork for the walls or a great accent to any party. I decided to make them for our beer and cupcake party.



They are very easy to make once you get a hang off the math. Good thing my husband is good at math. I would suggest to make a few on regular print paper or scrap paper before using your fancy paper. Just saying! The brown rosettes are made out of Trader Joe’s brown bags. To be quite honest they looked very good with the red design on the back. Maybe I will make new ones for Christmas! Hmmmm!


What you need for this project:


* paper of your choice

* scoring board (not necessary but very helpful)

* glue

* wooden skewers

* a paper weight

* patience and your favorite show on


Now the how to:


1. Cut paper to size. Now the math part: if you want the radius to be 2.5 that that makes the diameter 5 so that means the strip has to be 2.5 by 20. So practically was whatever the diameter is times in by 4 and you will get the size of the strip length. This is how I made this work for me!




2. Then you score the paper. If you do not have a score board this is the step where you have to mark the paper and then fold it. If you can spare $15 I would suggest getting the score board it will save  you so much time.



3. Once  you are done scoring the paper you will glue the ends and you will end up with something like this.



4. Once the glue is dry you the closer circle and push it down and glue it. I used Elmer’s glue and then putted scotch tape to protect my paper weight aka my daughter’s car while the glue dries. People usually use their hot glue gun but unfortunately I am yet to find mine since our move two year ago. Once the glue was dry I removed the scotch tape.




5. Then it was time to glue the wood skewer.



6. Once the glue was dry it was time to put all of the rosettes in place.




Note: on a side note now I know why people usually put little buttons on the front of the rosettes that where made by heavier craft paper, you can see the the little whole where the paper meets in the middle.



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  1. Hey Megan! I just found your blog by googling how to make a pinwheel:). I've been snooping around and love your inspiring little corner of the world:). I have a question for you though in regards to the pinwheels... I made the scored circle and glued it together but when I push it down in the middle it rips apart. Any suggestions?


Thank you for your comments. I do read them and appreciate them. Have a wonderful day!

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