April 16, 2012

A little bit of yellow and gray

Hello, I can’t believe its Monday! I have had very busy four days. I flew in Seattle on Thursdays and from there has been appointment after appointment, meeting after meeting, getting ready for our Easter, then celebrating Easter and I can’t forget my best friend’s bridal shower.


I love Seattle when it’s sunny and warm and that’s what I got all weekend until this morning when I woke up to rain. Here and there would be a peek of sunshine rays. My week is starting off somewhat not on the right foot so this is to cheer me and maybe you up.


                                                           Source: meghan-blum.blogspot.com via Megan on Pinterest


                                   Source: traditionalhome.com via Megan on Pinterest



                                                          Source: elementsofstyleblog.com via Megan on Pinterest



                                                      Source: blog.addicted2decorating.com via Katie on Pinterest


                                    Source: traditionalhome.com via Mercedes on Pinterest


                                                     Source: 25.media.tumblr.com via Cla on Pinterest



                                             Source: google.com via Glen on Pinterest



                                                                   Source: sugarplumsandcherryblossoms.tumblr.com via Liz on Pinterest





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