April 25, 2012

Wednesday Home Inspiration

It’s spring! With spring comes the beautiful pastel and light colors. This is a cute, light and cheery renovated 1934 Minneapolis home designed to bring the California vibe in. In the homeowner's words  “The open, light, bright feel of a California beach house was the one thing we couldn’t leave behind,” Dana declares.

The bold palette—brilliant fuchsia, gold, citron green, and even orange—was preexisting, just awaiting discovery. “My inspiration was the living room’s original stained-glass windows. They were perfect because the house needed assertive color,” Dana observes. The strong colors are introduced in the window treatments and furniture upholsteries, while backgrounds—ebony-finished wood and white marble floors and stark, white plaster walls—remain neutral but dramatic. “One of the things Debbie and I worked so well together on was flow—using colors with the same intensity in different rooms and grounding them with the ebony floors.”

I love the bright colors of the home. How about you?

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  1. I like light and open feeling homes, with bright colors it makes me feel refreshed.


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