April 13, 2012

“Happy Birthday” banner



I am almost done with posts about the party this one and one more. Budget was an issue for the party. The less we spend the better. My husband is a manly man so I really wanted for the party to have manly dark colors. The banner was a an idea that came from us eating pizza one night few weeks prior to the party. For a banner I wanted something that didn’t come out flimsy, something that wasn’t perfect. The banner is made out of cardboard…two large pizza boxes to be exact. No there was no oil/food stains on the boxes. 


cardboard banner




* enough cardboard for 13 letters

* cardboard for the letters

* paint of your choice – I used Martha Stewart paint

* brush- I used foam brush

* glue

* string


How to:


Cut the cardboard to the size that you want the back to be. Mine are 6.5” by 7”. Then take your paint of choice and paint the board. Depending on the thickness of the board and the amount of paint that you use, the board might warp. Mine was pretty think so it didn’t.


Then draw the letters. You can use a template or draw them free-hand. After you cut the letters, paint them.  Let them dry.




When all the drying is done, glue the letters to the backing. Let them dry. Once this is done you can chose how to hang them. I had my husband make wholes in each corner and used hemp string to hang the banner or you can tape the string on the back of the cardboard if you do not want to make wholes.

cardboard banner

cardboard banner




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